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Skin Cancer Screening

What is a Skin Cancer Screening?

A skin cancer screening is where a dermatologist looks for skin cancer before a patient has any symptoms. This can help find skin cancer at an early stage. When abnormal skin tissue or cancer is found early, it can be easier to treat. By the time symptoms appear, the skin cancer may have begun to spread.

What Happens During A Skin Cancer Screening?

It is important to remember that Huntington Dermatology does not necessarily think you have skin cancer if they suggest a skin cancer screening test. Skin cancer screening tests are given when you have no skin cancer symptoms. Huntington Dermatology’s dermatologists recommend lifelong dermatologic surveillance for patients with a personal history of melanoma. In addition, we recommend that individuals identified during routine care who meet any of the following criteria be considered for skin cancer risk assessment by our dermatologists:

  • A family history of melanoma in two or more blood relatives
  • The presence of multiple atypical moles
  • The presence of numerous actinic keratoses

Skin cancer screenings are not painful and take from less than 10 to 30 minutes, depending on whether you get a basic or full-body evaluation with photography. At your skin cancer screening, our dermatologists may:

  • Review your medical history
  • Examine your skin head-to-toe for any abnormalities
  • Have you wear a gown so he/she can see all of your skin clearly

You should be screened every year after age 35, as well as perform self-exams every month. If you see any new or unusual skin changes, contact Huntington Dermatology.

If your skin cancer screening test result is abnormal, you may need to have more tests done to find out if you have skin cancer. A skin cancer screening is just a diagnostic tests.

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